“You’re just an Internet activist” is a bad argument

I was originally going to write a response to the much-discussed Jon Chait “political correctness culture” essay that so many people have been talking about. But, well, so many people have been talking about it, and I’m not sure I have a lot of points to make that haven’t been made in someone else’s essay […]

Bystander intervention and fighting oppression

The debate over bystander intervention has gotten some press lately, with Lauren Chief Elk and Shaadi Devereaux writing an essay against it, and Jesse Singal writing a response to them at Science of Us. Both make some points that I agree with, and neither’s characterization of bystander intervention really describes the bystander intervention workshop that […]

To increase sexual violence reporting, fix law enforcement

As promised, I am following up my last post with one about policing and how it interacts with sexual violence and reporting.

One aspect of this is that police are often trained in ways that lead them to think normal trauma response behavior is a sign of lying. I encourage everyone to read this transcript […]

Increasing disclosures without pressuring sexual violence survivors

Edited 12/17 to fix broken links. Sorry about that. Apparently the text editor in which I was drafting the post inserted a bunch of the weird curly quotation marks around my links and it broke the HTML somehow.

In my last post, I alluded to the problems with pressuring sexual violence survivors to report as […]

Rolling Stone, survivor advocacy, and respect

There’s already been a lot written about the Rolling Stone campus rape story debacle, PTSD and memory, the infrequency of false rape accusations, and the terribleness of Charles C. Johnson. There are a lot of things that could be said, and probably have been, about the disingenuousness of claiming that teaching “believe the victim” to […]