“You’re just an Internet activist” is a bad argument

I was originally going to write a response to the much-discussed Jon Chait “political correctness culture” essay that so many people have been talking about. But, well, so many people have been talking about it, and I’m not sure I have a lot of points to make that haven’t been made in someone else’s essay […]

Bystander intervention and fighting oppression

The debate over bystander intervention has gotten some press lately, with Lauren Chief Elk and Shaadi Devereaux writing an essay against it, and Jesse Singal writing a response to them at Science of Us. Both make some points that I agree with, and neither’s characterization of bystander intervention really describes the bystander intervention workshop that […]

On politics, activism, charity, and efficiency

While reading a forum, I came across a link to a blog post by Scott Alexander of Slate Star Codex, which made the case that “charity” is a more effective way of helping people than “politics”. This post is a response to that one.

First, the bits that I do agree with. The eventual conclusion […]